Welcome! This is the House of Bash.

I'm Yeva Musharbash. Creative Designer of HOB.

“Art. It’s in everything and anything you do. Make sure to implement it daily, and create your beautiful life.”

My name is Yeva Musharbash. And this, is the House Of Bash.

House of Bash is about combining all of my passions in life into one space for everyone to enjoy and share with. Outside of the blogging world, I work in the entertainment industry in broadcast television programming. Being of Jordanian, Armenian, & Greek decent, I’ve been immersed in culture since I moved to LA at the age of 3. I learned English watching television, and like to believe that I honed many skills while I jumped into different crafts growing up.

I have always had a passion for writing. And growing up with my artistic mother, she not only encouraged my crafts, but showed me much of her own along the way! So this site is in homage to her, & the constant inspiration she continues to give me. Whether it’s in: Lifestyle, Health & Beauty, DIY, or LIFE itself, I’ve found her to be the pillar for all the drive and motivation I have.

With Love & All Things Great,

I hope we all grow together.